Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC, is a web browser known worldwide, but not as used as its main competitors, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This does not mean that the browser is worse than its competitors, but it actually had some very unhappy past versions.

However, his last naturalizes corrected almost all the mistakes of the past, especially those related to the marking of favorite pages. Moreover, its performance has been considerably improved. With that, he became a competitor to match in the fierce fight for leadership on the web.

What's new in interface of Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC

Opera has changed a lot in recent years its interface in order to find a good solution to fight the competition, and, it seems, the developers finally got something stable and concrete to offer users.


The main structure of Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC, remains the same, with a good sober appearance and very similar to that already found in competitors, but the "Speed ​​Dial" screen, one that brings your favorite sites organized grid, has been redesigned and is more beautiful. She also added the old menu functions "Discover", which brings news relevant to the user, and "Bookmarks", the area that organizes the favorites that you mark on the web.

Moreover, the novelty of the time is the ability to install animated themes in the browser. There are several options available here to download. Be sure to try.


Another element that draws attention in Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC, is the bookmark system. This is known in other browsers as "Favorites", but it works the item in a much more advanced form. There is a specific screen for them, and that element, you find an organization of bookmark folders on the left and a screen to display items on the right.

You can search bookmarks, rearrange everything that is around and to share folders of bookmarks with friends. Simply open a bookmark folder, select the items to be shared and then tap "Share". Immediately, a link will be given to you to send to anyone. People who receive it can access and import into their browsers or simply check the details.

Otherwise, those terrible problems favorites import of past versions of Opera over. Now, this works as it should work, and in doing import, your favorites are immediately converted to thumbnails with markers that integrate into the visual style of the browser. navigation data, such as historical and saved passwords can also be imported.

Now there is a folder called "Trash" in markers, which concentrates all deleted favorites. By using this directory, you can manage these items and undelete. This can be especially useful when you deleted a link unintentionally, and only after some time realized he needed him again.


Recently, the Opera gained some improvements in security Question and received two interesting features. Although not many, the news leave the most stable and functional browser.

The first new feature is the back of the preview tabs system. With it, instead of opening a page to view the content, just hover over the title and check all without leaving the site you are currently browsing. To use this function, just click on the tabs to expand button (the down arrow beside the option to minimize) and hover over the items in the popup on the screen.

Opera has implemented a novelty that can make you the most beloved browser among users concerned about privacy. The known VPN tool "Surf-easy" is now natively integrated into Opera, and the user can create an account and start surfing the web without anyone can track your location without any problems.


One of the latest updates Opera brought to the browser a function that many Chrome users already knew and that can be very useful in their day to day. Your Account Opera now allows not only sync bookmarks but also lets you sync all your browsing history from smartphones and computers.

This means that all sites you have accessed the phone will also be recorded on your computer. In its new Speed ​​Dial screen, click the role "guides" and check the browsing history of all devices connected to your Opera account.

It is important to note that this synchronization function only shows the history of all your devices in Opera version for computers. In the cell, you can only see the sites you access directly on your phone. This at least for now. Opera can also synchronize passwords and logins saved in the browser, but it is not yet available in their mobile versions.

Furthermore, the interface operates had some changes regarding the management of open tabs. A new button in the far upper right corner allows you to check everything is open in the current window with a new animation that takes up the whole program area. The same can be done with the command "Ctrl + Tab".

Opera Turbo

The Turbo is the new Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC, data compression technology that allows users to economize their data plans on mobile networks and browse faster than normal. With this feature connected via the browser settings menu, whenever you access a site, it first passes through the servers of Opera Software and have your images and other graphics tablets.
With this, your computer does not need to download very heavy web content, which requires less effort on your connection and also your browser to render all. This feature was implemented in version 34, and, according to the developer, lets you navigate even faster 15% compared to the previous Opera compression mechanism. This still implies 70% less data usage.

What's new in version 35

In its latest update that began to be released on 02/02, Opera won three improvements that should directly impact on how you use the browser. Like its competitors, it now has a function that lets you mute the sound guides individually.

Simply click on the speaker icon that appears on the tabs that are emitting some kind of sound. With this, you mutes the noise immediately, without having to make any extra click or deal with expanded menus. If you end up opening multiple tabs with sounds running but want to keep only the sound of one of them, click the help button in which you want to keep and choose "Silencing the other tabs." Thus, only one sound will continue leaving the Opera.

The downloads section has been redesigned and now text files, music, pictures, videos etc. They appear with specific icons to make more intelligible list. When the downloads are complete, they will be marked in a more visual way, and if you wanted to close your browser while something is still being downloaded, a popup will warn about the situation.

Finally, the customization menu has been refurbished and now appears directly in the settings options, rather than in a separate area. The developer hopes that save time and clicks from users time to customize the browser.

Our opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Opera and its features, now that we know it

After committing some errors in previous versions, Opera developers finally agreed to hand the browser interface and let the application really clinking by Opera 36.0.2130.32 For PC. You can tell that the Opera is on equal terms with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in a matter of usability and performance. Choose one of the three is basically a matter of taste and need some extra tools.

Lack of supplements

These extra tools - extensions and plugins - are still the Achilles heel of the Opera. There are few options for extensions to download the browser store, and you will not find many themes for it. However, in version 30 of the program it has entered the operating support for extensions from the side bar, which ensures new possibilities for add-on developers.

The browser makes up for the lack with an integrated tool that allows the user to create own your theme. As for extensions, the game is not so simple. Banking sites, for example, seldom create security tools for your customers always get browsing in Opera, and therefore it is necessary to keep a browser helper on the PC.

Impeccable interface

Apart from this difficulty, however, there is absolutely nothing to complain about the Opera. Its interface is clean and very beautiful. Everything is made to be very intuitive, being remarkable the beautiful work in the construction of icons and application of transition effects. Among the most famous solutions to surf the internet, you can not deny that Opera is what pleases the eye.

The marker system with the ability to share these items with your friends via a link generated instantly is one of the highlights of the program. You will not give due weight to this item until the day you're looking for something to buy, like an apartment, and need to share multiple links at once with someone. Also noteworthy is the new options for synchronizing devices, which left the most practical browser.

Moreover, the way Opera handles general markers is very nice. It creates thumbnails for each added page and allows the user to customize these items. No other browser handles bookmarks with solutions as practical and beautiful at the interface.

The new home page that focuses the "Speed ​​Dial", the "Discover" and "Bookmarks" now more elegant and intuitive. Like virtually all browser settings menus have sidebars tabbed options, it made sense to use the same layout for the home screen of the browser.


Opera also greatly improved performance. It is a very agile browser to surf the internet and also to run the system. It is remarkable that it runs the Windows faster than Chrome, for example, which is much heavier. Another highlight was the integration of a VPN "native" software, which can be very useful for most users concerned about privacy.

Thus, we can only recommend the new version of Opera without major restrictions. The browser has evolved in some extent, and now offers a great interface to its users combined with optimal performance. So if you never tested this program or created a prejudice against him in the past, very worth checking the news.


impeccable interface
Great markers system
Sharing markers
improved performance
New home screen
New history synchronization options between different devices
Native integration with VPN SurfEasy


Still have a few extensions

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