MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  • Program for advanced users who manages the overclocked GeForce and Radeon

MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC, is an application to perform overclocking - increasing the capacity of a board or processor - in GeForce 6 graphics card, ATI Radeon HD 2000 or higher.

While "turbine" the board, the program displays temperature information and processor usage in real time, and also informs the speed of the involved components.

Features of MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC

Effective procedure

Before using the Afterburner will hint: overclocking is an effective procedure, but requires care and knowledge of the user. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners. Worth reading this article on overclocking to learn whether it is worth or not do on a computer component.

The GUI has Afterburner for easy application overclock at different levels. Whether for NVIDIA or ATI models, resources are unified, ie, no need to create a profile for each board model
The cooler control is advanced. In addition to automatic and manual modes, the Afterburner allows you to set your own speed curve, with which you can program when the cooler must be strong or weak.


Monitors the operation

The Afterburner monitors the operation of the video card through the icon in the system bar (the clock bar) and through on-screen display modes. Experienced users can create and manage up to five automatic profiles to define the limits of all that is changed in both the processor and the graphics card.


The basic overclocking

The basic overclocking controls include support for multiple cards, independent shader adjustment (NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher models) and profiles accessible to control by hotkeys.

Some options may be locked in Afterburner for security reasons. You must unlock them first in Control Panel. It is also necessary to use the application with administrator permissions.


The file you download will have the two programs installations. To install the Afterburner, run the "MSIAfterburnerSetup150.exe" file. The Afterburner manual can be downloaded here in PDF format

How to Download Free MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC

Download Free MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC, from below.

Download Free MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 For PC

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