Download Free Robo AntiVirus 2011 For PC

The Robo AntiVirus is a security program for your computer. He makes a search among your files and outlines threats such as viruses and spyware. The virus works in parallel with the other solutions that may already exist on the computer, and thus seeks to increase the safety of the machine.

Viruses are a constant threat to computers. Even before the popularization of the Internet, there were already ways to infect your PC, for example, through the floppies and CDs in hand after hand. Today there are many types of programs that can cause damage to your computer in different intensities. We can mention viruses, spyware, screenloggers, keyloggers, Trojans and other types of malicious code.

To protect your computer from these threats, it is necessary to use various types of security tools such as firewalls and antispyware. However, the most basic and most important protection is still the virus.
Identifying threats

The layout of the Robo AntiVirus uses a simple visual style and the organization of its functions is via tabs. There are two search modes by malware. The "Custom Scan" looks for infected files only in certain user folder. Already the"Quick Scan" scans the places where viruses often hide their files.

The threats found can be viewed and deleted from the "Threats detected" tab. The user has the option to delete all files at once or only those he recognizes as viruses.

If necessary, the Robo AntiVirus protection functions can be disabled in the "Protection" tab. By default, this option is activated and causes the program is constantly checking your computer files, which can cause slowdowns on older machines.

Keeping the system in order

The Robo AntiVirus seeks to integrate the system with the tools tab "Tools". Here you can do some maintenance tasks such as removing useless HD files, clear cookies, edit the registry and make the Windows update.

Antivirus includes tools to perform safe removal of files generally called "FileShredder". With it, you can delete the file without leaving his trace and eliminate the chances to recover it even after deleted. Another function that can be activated within the Robo AntiVirus is the "task manager", which monitors the status of the system.

Download Free Robo AntiVirus 2011 For PC