Download Free PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8, 8.1, 10

PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC, is an emulator of PlayStation 2: with it, you can Download Free PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC, and run games originally released for the console directly to your computer!

An emulator is software that simulates the hardware of another device. That is, for the PlayStation 2 games, the computer is like an island. Thanks to this, you can run the device games directly on your PC.

The new version brings several internal improvements, such as a list of most compatible games, more speed, an audio system more efficient, more responsive controls and more graphics settings available. Besides all this, this version is at least 10% faster than the previous.

Get Details of The Emulator PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC:

Configuring the Emulator

Soon after installing the emulator, you will be directed to the screen the first configuration of PCSX2. In this location, you must set all program parameters. The emulator works with multiple applications plugins installed separately; each of them has a specific function and it allows you to modify the program the way you want and according to the specifications of your computer.


See what the main settings:

GS: here you choose the graphic plugin that best matches the features of your video card. After choosing the file, you can configure advanced options such as the format of the screen and image filters. Thanks to this plugin, you can see the PlayStation 2 games in much higher resolutions than those displayed by the original device;
PAD: this option, you can choose the plugin that will control the joysticks. You can set all the details of the controls, map the buttons, adjust the intensity of the force feedback, among others;
SPU2: Emulator Audio settings can be made within this category. Among the main settings are volume adjustment, synchronization of audio and the number of sound channels available while playing games. Remember that the sound quality has a direct impact on application performance, so the higher the quality, the greater the fall emulator performance;

CDVD: here you should set up your CD / DVD drive to be recognized by the emulator. The options panel is simple, you only need to set the letter corresponding to your player. You can also run the games from images of the discs. To do this, select the plugin "Linuz Iso CDVD".

The other menu settings, USB, FW Dev9 and should not be changed, because it is already in the right system standards.

Just below these options, you find the standard path to the folder of installed plugins in the emulator. If you decide to install an accessory separately later, you must save the file in that folder so that PCSX2 recognize the file.

The second emulator setup screen prompts you to install the original BIOS file from your PlayStation 2. Without this file, you can not run the games.


After completing the initial configuration, the emulator is ready to run. To start the game, click the "System" button and then "Load C DVD". The chosen game should run with the settings established at the beginning of the installation.

If you encounter any problems during the execution of a title, go to the application configuration. There you can review the plugins choices and make advanced performance settings.

Improving the performance of games

If the game was slow while running, you may need to reset the emulator. A useful tip is to reduce the screen resolution in the plugins menu selection. Try to keep the default options to ensure that the games can run with more speed. Experiment with different video settings to find the most suitable for your machine.

Within the PCSX2 settings menu, you will find an option called "Speed ​​Hacks". Although not recommended move these items, you can access them if the performance of the games has not been satisfactory.
As each computer is unique, you can not write a complete guide optimization for each machine. So, if the game runs did not work properly, you need to move the plugin settings until you find the perfect match for your computer.

You can rotate all PlayStation 2 games?

An emulator is never the same as an original device, so it is natural that you can not run all the titles released for PlayStation 2. Nevertheless, the list of compatible titles is great and already includes most games released to date.

Important: You must have a console and original games of PlayStation 2 to use this emulator. To elucidate complex issues, you can visit the official website of PCSX2 (in English).

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the PCSX2 and its features, now that we know it

PCSX2 is the best emulator of PlayStation 2 today. The program can run most games perfectly, and allows you to run the titles in high definition - as long as your computer has enough power to do this - greatly improving the original visual quality of games.

The plugin system allows each part of the program to be configured independently. Thanks to this, you can identify the best possible options for each computer on which PCSX2 is installed. Another advantage of this system is that, as the plugins are independent, you can update each of them individually.

The Setup program directs the user to the most important settings early on. This makes life easier for those who do not have much experience with emulators.

The compatible games list is extensive and is growing more every day. According to the developers themselves emulator, the next step is to ensure that small adjustments in the software make this list further increase. As the development team is great, it should not take to happen.

The system requirements are high. Simulate an entire console and all its functions and still give account to run the games is not an easy task. This does not come as a big negative for the nature of the program, but certainly levels above the minimum requirements needed to run the games. Therefore, simpler equipment and without a dedicated video card will not be able to run games perfectly.


It allows you to run PlayStation 2 games on the computer
The compatible games list is great


It requires high hardware requirements

How to Download Free PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC

Download Free PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC, from the link below.

Download Free PCSX2 1.4.0 For PC

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