Download Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Have you ever thought that much of the success of a film depends on your issue? Download Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC, and you get And much of the success of the edition comes in addition to the professional talent, the software used to mount the film.

Lightworks is a video editor used by professionals, with advanced features and many possibilities, suitable for those who need good results without paying dearly for it.

Other Functions of Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC:

Used by professionals

Many people think that to be a professional software, you need to cost a fortune. The Lightworks costs nothing and still is used by major publishers Hollywood, as Tariq Anwar, editor of the film "The King's Speech" - production which took the best 2010 movie Oscar and several other nominations, including category best editing.

Creating a new project

The creation of a new design is simple and you can easily choose technical aspects such as screen ratio (4: 3 or 16: 9), the quality of video and audio, among others. All this can be changed later, but it is important to define the main settings before you begin.


The only information you need to set compulsory from the beginning is the frame rate, or the number of frames per second, as this will define later what videos you can import. For example, if you choose 24 fps, there is a wider range of acceptable frame rates, since 25 fps only accepts 25 or 50.

formats like MP4 and 3GP

To start, you need to import the raw material by clicking the "Import" button (second from top to bottom button on the toolbar) or by dragging the video to the program window. The Lightworks reads the main professional video formats such as AVI, MOV, RED R3D, DPX, among others. Being a more advanced application, files in formats like MP4 and 3GP are not recognized, then you must use a converter.

The Timeline EditorĀ 

After importing, open the timeline editor by clicking on the third button (top-down) on the toolbar, corresponding to the "Create a new edit." In galena imports, double-click on the preview image of your video and a window opens. Click on the third window button to create a shortcut to the video at the top of the screen as the image.

Drag this shortcut to the edit window and click the fourth side of the button to create a copy of the material on the top screen. This is important for you to have a backup of the video, if necessary. In fact, the software is very flexible and there are several ways to do what you want. See this tutorial (in English) on the first steps Lightworks:



For those who are familiar with software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, the Lightworks can scare at first glance. This is because the issue in this case is a slightly different from the traditional way, and you can take some getting used to, but it's not impossible to deal with.

Instead of the "Cut" button, we have several other options such as "In" and "Out", which serve to mark the time for cutting, as well as four other buttons: "Replace", "Insert", "Delete" and "Remove". There are also the options "unjoin" and "Join", separating and joining the cut parts.

If you want to better understand how this works, this video can help. Although this system is quite different from other editors, just a little practice to learn how to do more complex issues with Lightworks.

Add effects

There is a lot of transition effects and image effects available in Lightworks. To apply them, just open the window by clicking on "Effects" button next to the "Join / unjoin". Now select the effect you need to use and click the "Add" button.

Browse through the categories of effects, apply them to test and play with your stuff, to know exactly what the Lightworks can do. There are eight categories of effects for video, including adding text, image reversal, color change, transition and masks effects.

The Lightworks can seem complicated and different at first glance, but it takes patience and practice to understand it and master its methods of editing. There are several online tutorials, both video and written, and the developer's own website provides a support page with a forum where experienced users answer questions from beginners.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Lightworks and its features, now that we know it.

The Lightworks

The Lightworks brings a new experience of editing, which can be good on one hand, but can displease publishers who are familiar with software such as Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. Despite having the same features and possibilities, you need to relearn how to edit, since until the cutting tool has a different function from the rest of the programs.

After the adjustment period, however, the Lightworks promises to be a complete and professional publisher. With it, you can edit entire movies with a professional finish, and also has advanced technical adjustments.

The Biggest pluses

One of the biggest pluses, incidentally, is precisely the amount of technical parameters that you can configure and the ease with which this is done in a window only and without complications. Another positive point is that the windows are adjustable and the tools are flexible, so that it suits your use, and not the opposite. You can have the interface you want by adjusting the size and visible windows.

In addition to the initial difficulty of avatar the new edition model, few details really bother. One is that the Ctrl + Z shortcut does not work, and need to set it or use the buttons. Another negative point is the need for the frame rates of the imported material and design are the same or at least very similar.

Despite the negative points, it is worth testing the Lightworks and try to adapt to their operating model, since it is a no cost software and the same opportunities for similar programs, but they are expensive.


completely free program
Used by professional editors Hollywood
There are many video tutorials to help users
interface flexibility and application windows
Wide effects gallery and video and audio transitions


Not very intuitive
It presents a very different operation of the other editors
You must set basic shortcuts, such as "Ctrl + Z"

How to Download Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC

Registration and download

To download the software, you need to make a record on the developer's site. This is necessary so that they know better your audience and know how to improve the software. In the form, there are personal and technical questions, like what other editing software you previously used and for what purpose you use them. It is not difficult to register and it costs nothing.

Download Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC, from the link below.

Download Free Lightworks 12.6 For PC

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