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iTunes is the multimedia manager of Apple and an indispensable program for those who have any of the portable gadgets from Apple. It can also be a good tool of choice for those who want a versatile and intuitive application to manage and run your audio and video files. Download Free iTunes, the better ever juke box.

The additions of iTunes, to the collections of songs and movies on your machine, this program provides access to a huge amount of online content, including TV programs, film productions, songs and podcasts – both free and paid.

Another highlight of iTunes is its ability to synchronize data between computers and Apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. This way, you can have access to your files anywhere and whenever you want or need.

Features of iTunes

Drop sound!

The iTunes basic function is to listen to music, after it was created exactly for this. For this purpose, as well as any other good audio player, this application offers a number of tools to control Reproductions and managing your music collection.

Regarding the implementation of the songs, the program has the traditional mechanisms to pause, shutdown and start playback, forward or reverse a track, adjust volume and random or cyclic playback. As usual, you can track the execution time and know the song title and the artist who interprets and the album that was released.


A peculiarity of iTunes is your player floating thumbnail to the work area. So you can control the playback of your songs (as well as videos or podcasts) favorite with comfort and ease, not having to open the full application window. In its reduced form, this mini player only displays the basic buttons handling execution.

In turn, in relation to the organization of your library, the program allows you to create custom playlists or enjoy the Genius feature, riding lists automatically combining music based on the songs you listen to. Also, your repository can be segmented by artist, title, genre, album, year, or rating.

Even in the world of music, this Apple product offers an extensive and varied online radio list, allowing you to meet new songs or artists and listen to bands bands and singers that you like, but have not purchased. Among the available genres are rock, hip hop, blues, pop, electronic, classical, country and more.

Enjoying distance

The iTunes Airplay function lets you listen to your songs in any of the rooms of the house. And the best: without the need for cables, since the application is now compatible with wireless technology. Just that you have in your home speakers, receivers and accessories with support for iPod to your entire library can be accessed from anywhere in your home. Simple and fast.

Rental home

How about watching movies and series, without interruption, in high definition and without buying them outright? With iTunes, you start to get a rental home. Each download has a fixed cost and is valid for a certain period, which is usually 30 days.
Once you run the file and start watching the movie, the period drops to 48 hours. That is, you can plan your shopping and watch when you can. The coolest thing is that the content rented can be viewed on any Apple device operating with this manager.

Integration with iCloud

After the i Cloud storage service in the cloud of Apple, it was announced, it was a matter of time before iTunes to integrate it. As expected, the media manager of Apple is able to perform file backups and play content purchased from the online store directly from the mechanism of cloud computing brand.

To do this, you simply log in with your Apple ID and click twice to play the desired file. In addition, you can transfer a copy to a mobile device or run it when offline. This “partnership” goes further and provides a playback synchronization system, which remembers where you left off in a movie or TV show. Still, whenever you play the same movie or episode on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV, it will continue exactly the paused point.

Finding a needle in a haystack

And that’s not all. ITunes has an advanced search system, in which you simply enter a piece of the term you want to search for the program to instantly show the possible results found in your entire library. If not found any file to this research in its collection, the program then displays search suggestions in the store.

What’s new in interface

ITunes has always been praised for its clean, sleek and modern look – in fact, a combination of features that is considered a trademark of Apple for their products. And the company has spared no effort to make your multimedia manager even more beautiful and practical.

In its latest update, the program had reformulations in its interface, which promoted no significant changes in appearance, but can make your more practical interaction. These changes were basically focused on two parts of the program.

The first consists of different sections of content (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Internet Radio, etc.), which are not gathered in a drop down menu. Now, they have gained a placeholder in the top bar, where only their icons are displayed. It is worth mentioning that you can edit which of these shortcuts will be shown or hidden and assembled into a single button.

The other change is due to the different filters in your library (Title, Artist, Albums, Genres, and others) that were accessed through unique buttons in the top bar of iTunes and from the most recent update were clumped in section “My songs”. These filtering features still exist, but are now offered via a drop down menu. This concept of “wipe” the offered menus and shortcuts is also applied to the movie section.

Our opinion

Our Opinion Above you gave a full description of iTunes and its features, now that we know it

If anyone doubted that iTunes could improve, the latest updates from Apple’s multimedia manager proved that he still has much to show. Reformulations in its interface made the appearance of even more clean, elegant and modern program. Visually, it’s hard to find such a beautiful software as this.

More than beauty, the interface presents an excellent organization of your menus and tools, providing a seamless and intuitive interaction. Even if you have never messed with an earlier version of iTunes, you should not find it difficult to take advantage of its last edition – which is further facilitated by the fact that he was fully translated into Portuguese.

What was good was better

Among the various tools presented by the application, those that stood out were the integration with iCloud (allowing playback of content directly from the Apple store service), the player miniature and the search system. The quality and the combination of these features leave their very efficient and uncomplicated operation.

Other than that, the classic content rental services, virtual store and sync files between different devices continue in full operation, facilitating their access to your music, movies, podcasts, books, TV shows and other favorite content.
Working for lightness

ITunes long suffering critical when used in Windows for its high consumption of computer resources, being blamed for constant crashes and slow PC. Apparently, Apple is committed to solving this problem, which has been brightened up with its latest updates.

During our analysis, we realized that the performance of multimedia manager had improvements, requiring less hardware components and promoting a transition between tracks or videos, for example, much more fluid. For example, while we listened to an extensive playlist of songs, the program presented a consumption of only 28.3 MB of RAM.

However, we must place on record that still witnessed some delay in the initial implementation of the program. The first time he plays in the day appears to require a bit more of the computer. However, we fail to face greater problems, and this primary play slowness was not repeated as music and movies.

Unwanted conversion

One of our disappointments, which is in fact more closely related to the iTunes Store than the actual manager, is the lack of conversion and adaptation of values ​​traded dollar for real. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that iTunes remains one of the best players and managers of audio files and video market.


elegant, uncluttered interface
uncomplicated and intuitive interaction
improved playback performance
In Portuguese


Prices still dollar

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