Download Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8, 8.1

  • Access apps and native games for smartphones directly on the PC with this Android simulator

Tired of playing your favorite games in the small small screen of your smartphone? How about testing the applications you use the direct tablet on the desktop of your computer? Download Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC, is an Android operating system simulator able to run any app like he was being opened on a mobile device.

The program works in such a way that the basic features of Android will run on the desktop, or you can even browse the internet and access any web page on its mobile version. In addition, you can enter the GooglePlay to download and install anything.

Get More Details of The Simulator Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC;

It vibrates?

Yes, it vibrates! All functions to the 4.2.2 version of the operating system are available in Droid4x. You can even emulate the touch sensors on the screen to be represented by the PC keyboard buttons.



Unlike an emulator, which typically uses advanced settings and a complex installation and may even include the use of an ISO file to create a virtual machine, to enjoy the Droid4x you just need to click the executable to perform a quick installation and update files through its automatic update.

Direct phone games on your computer

After performing these steps, you can start playing your direct phone games on your computer through the tool. The hardware of your computer will directly affect the potential of the simulator, that is, the more powerful the better.
By default, the mouse performs all functions as if it were your own finger.


However, for multi-touch games you can and should set some keys to perform the actions you want.

Through the Keyboard menu, simply position the arrow keys in the region that is directional in the game. You can also configure other buttons at any particular point of the screen so that when you click on them, the simulator activate the app sensor that place.



Droid4x has a system designed to pair your mobile device with the program itself. With this, you will be able to use your smartphone or tablet as this way, you can use the accelerometer to perform commands and actions within the game that require the peripheral movement. At your device screen will show exactly the same vision simulator, including the touch function will also be replicated on it.

To use this feature, you must download and install the APK of direct mobile tool. To download, just go to the developer's page using the device itself through this link or using a QR code reader and scan the code.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Droid4x and its features, now that we know it.

Powerful Android simulator computer

Droid4x is a powerful Android simulator computer. With the help of this tool, you will be able to use any application available exclusively for smartphones and tablets, and even the best of Google Play little games will run perfectly on your PC desktop.

Currently, the utility uses the 4.2.2 version of the operating system, which allows access to the vast majority of the Google Store apps. Even if you already have a registered account, you can use it to access your programs and paid games.


The modern look of the Android system is also used by Droid4x not only for native buttons of mobile devices, but also for the menus and features of the simulator itself. With soft and self-explanatory icons, you will easily find the feature or option that seeks to move.

Send feedback to the development team

If you want even send feedback to the development team to report a bug, you can in a fast and practical way. Through the settings, you can also quickly adjust keypad buttons to be used in place of touch or mouse click.

The quality of the applications of implementation may vary depending on the settings of your computer, because the simulator will use the machine hardware itself. Known as one of the heaviest games for smartphone, the game Asphalt 8: Airborne showed no compatibility issues or lag Durantes the tests.

Additional resources

The feature can turn your mobile device into a video game control is fantastic, and the response of device movement and the touch screen is fast and accurate. However, interference or low speed WiFi connection can affect the performance of this feature.

Play those irate games on a 20 "or higher monitor is sensational, even if it is a racing game and you use the smartphone as a steering wheel. However, the lack of a tool capable of emulating direct accelerometer in the program leaves a bit to wish, since without this feature can not do much more complex games.


  • Compatibility
  • Full screen
  • Quality


  • It does not have native accelerator
  • It requires a good PC

How to Download Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC

Download Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC, from the following link.

Download Free Droid4x 0.7.3 For PC

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