Download Free Paciência Spider For PC, Windows Store 8, 8.1, 10

There are several styles of solitaire games - Download Free Paciência Spider For PC, and it brings a tray type "spider" for Windows 8, with multiple levels and difficulty and very strict rules.

In this game, you need to unscramble letter of hills, ordering by suit and number, to try to remove the piles of complete sequences and end all items from the board.

About Rules of The App Free Paciência Spider For PC;

Make combinations of the same suit

Make combinations of the same suit (symbol) and move the columns using the sequential numbers as a guide (K, Q, J, 10-2 and in the latter). You can only move sequences that are the same suit, but you can use different suits to assist in storage tray. For example, you can put a 4 of hearts on a 5 of spades, but this battery can not be transferred from place.


With this, we need to think about it in every move so that you can undo these combinations of suits later; always prefer to combine the same token cards. Each complete sequence made, you earn extra points and that letters cake disappears from the board, leaving room for you to move something to the empty cell.

And difficulty settings

This solitaire game spider has three levels of difficulty: the easiest, you play with only one suit; intermediate puts two sets of symbols in the table and the most difficult works with a full deck. You can also choose lots of 8 or 10 cards face, and the first option is easier, since it leaves more cards in the pile of replacement.

You can change the back of the cards from four options and the color of the board, customizing the appearance of the little game with your favorite combination. The game marks a statistics table indicating the percentage of wins and best scores on each level of gambling - do your best to always have high numbers!

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Spider Solitaire and its features, now that we know it.

Spider Solitaire is an amazing game for those who like letter games. He has a fair level of difficulty and strict rules and an interesting gameplay with unlimited animations and timely tips. Who likes to play games of cards need to test this, which brings a patience mode more difficult than normal.

Visual and translation

The little game Spider Solitaire, Random Salad Games, is fully translated into Portuguese. You may find some errors in translation, but overall it is possible to understand everything and anyone can play, it is not necessary to speak English. This is great for those who like to play games and letter of want an uncomplicated and affordable game.

The appearance of this game is another detail that draws a lot of attention positively. It has well-designed elements, vibrant colors and a well-organized menu. Animations are punctual and not hinder the gambling, being possible to have a very fast pace of movement without having to wait for the cards are moved from one cell to another.

It is interesting to see the customization options. Aesar to be few colors and models can make combinations to change the board style is nice and let the little game more with your face. Definitely the visual organization and this is a game that deserves mention for being very good.

Restricted and tutorial rules

This game uses the traditional rules of style "Spider" of little games of patience, which limit the movements of the cards according to the suit. Many games of the same type have more relaxed rules, and you can move the piles of the same sequential numbers that are not of the same suit - is not the case in this game.

At first, this may seem very limiting, but the game has several levels of difficulty and you can start training us easier to get used to. Moreover, the tutorial is well explained and rules become clear from the beginning.

Another interesting point is that, to get used to the game style, you can use the tips, which are unlimited. This feature is available all the time, and it shows the best moves (but it costs a lot of points). In other words, use only if necessary, but do not be afraid to ask for help, since there is a limited number of tips for starting.

Worth it?

This little game is one of the great titles letter of games for Windows 8. It is easy to learn to play, has very challenging difficulty levels and has a very good appearance. The operation it presented no problem - that is, it has good touch response and not caught or introduced slowly.

very worth playing this game, especially if you're seeking an EXPERIENCE entirely in Portuguese and customizable. It is worth also check the official Microsoft app with various trays and styles, especially if you want to play other types of patience.


  • Visual very beautiful and organized
  • Customization of board and card
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Entirely in English
  • Game statistics


  • Only a solitaire style

How to Download Free Paciência Spider For PC

Download Free Paciência Spider For PC, from below.

Download Free Paciência Spider For PC


Super Mario Bros. X For PC, Windows XP 7, 8, 8.1

Super Mario Bros. X For PC, is simply one of the best independent releases ever created for the plumber games. It features a mixture of several elements that existed in the classic games of the series, with stages of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and even the musical theme of Super Mario 64.

The game stands out for providing a nostalgic experience to the player, who easily remember the best moments lived with the old Nintendo consoles. It is a little heavier to run than most similar games, but can be used in simple computers.

Characteristics of Super Mario Bros. X For PC

Awesome loyalty

In the first minutes of Super Mario Bros. X you can already give their loyalty in relation to the Nintendo games. It mixes very well several titles in the series without losing quality in any way.

All phases of the game are entirely new, keeping the issues that were very successful years ago. You can also create your own scenario by an editor of functional and complete levels. Mario has Yoshis and feathers that make it raccoon, and can shoot fireballs and perform various feats of other versions for the plumber.


Multiplayer cooperative!

One of the most fun features of Super Mario Bros. X is its multiplayer mode, which supports two players in the same scene simultaneously. Just lay down commands for the second player and start the game without complications. The option is ideal for anyone who has joysticks, further facilitating adaptation.


Within the game, there are several tips and codes for you circumvent some things or experience unusual situations in the scenarios.

Check out a short list of words that you must enter into the stage;

  • Captain - paralyzes the time by pressing the Start;
  • Shadowstar - transforms Mario into a shadow, allowing it to pass through walls;
  • Supermario128 - puts 128 Marios simultaneously on the screen, making it a very funny game;
  • Its a alleluia- exchange the main character to Luigi; and
  • Its a Mario - Mario resumes control during stages.

Our opinion

Our Opini�o Above you gave a full description of the Super Mario Bros. X and its features, now that we know it.

Super Mario Bros. X is undoubtedly one of the best independent releases ever created for the most famous plumber in the world of gaming. The game is very faithful to the titles that made Mario a success, combining the best elements of each into a single title.

You will face stages of Super Mario Bros. 3, wearing a raccoon suit or the boot of goombas, and give the same dedicated Yoshi in Super Mario World. Also present is the star system and the soundtrack to Super Mario 64, making the nostalgic game for all ages of players.

Its graphics are very faithful to the original games in the series, and the gameplay is simple and functional, without stalling or slow to respond at crucial moments. You can even play with two joysticks, controlling Mario and Luigi in a cooperative mode.

The only negative point of the game, although this is somewhat irrelevant, is that it is much heavier than most of the games in the genre. Besides weigh more than 30 MB, it takes up much of the processor capacity, which can cause some frustration for those who have really simple machines.

All other aspects of Super Mario Bros. X are what's important in a good remake for the mustachioed. If you are a nostalgic fan of it and would like to review some of the moments that have marked the lives of those who had older Nintendo consoles, the download is highly recommended.


  • Faithfulness to the original Nintendo game
  • very interesting graphics and gameplay
  • co-operative multiplayer mode


  • It weighs a little more to run than their counterparts

How to Download Free Super Mario Bros. X For PC

Download Free Super Mario Bros. X For PC, from the below.

Download Free Super Mario Bros. X For PC

Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC, Windows XP 7, 8

Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC, is an indie little game, but it does not mean that the title is bad or too simple, quite the contrary! It's no exaggeration to say that it is the game desired by all fans of the franchise, but never made by Nintendo.

Basically, what he has so sensational is: but you go with a three-dimensional coach, you can control the movement of pokémon during battles.

Yes, you did not read wrong: check out the video below to get a good idea of ​​what happens in the game. The only caveat is that, being a title indie developers probably do not have much time for it, plus there are many bugs to be modeled. Thus, the title is not yet complete, with only a demo version to show what are the intentions of the dev for it.

More About Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC

The paradise for Pokémon fans

At the moment, you can find the following Pokémon the scenario: Pikachu, Pidgey, Bulbasaur, Ratata, Charmander and Squirtle. There are six pocket pets and all are catchable, except for the electric mouse, with which you already start your adventure (although it appears not listed until you send him out of the Pokeball). As in official matches, you have only four attacks to use in fights.


However, instead of just having a limit of blows to use the Pokémon has an energy bar, which is worn as the skills are used. In case it is empty, you can not do anything but walk through the scene until it fill again.

As there are many attacks in the area, you should be careful not to hit other creatures that are around, otherwise the battle will be two or more against one! Also, be careful not to destroy the scenario: yes, when attacking the stones sometimes they are completely destroyed (trees are more resistant, but show signs of damage after a few strokes).

How to play in multiplayer mode

Pokémon Generations presents the alternative to play with your friends, simply create a server (Start Server) and pass your IP address - this number should be pasted into the "Server" field. Then, keep the number displayed in the "Port" unchanged and then click "Connect to Server" to connect to your friend's server. Before that, however, change its name and choose if your coach is a boy or girl.

If this does not work, a possible solution is to install Hamachi program because it helps you to connect to your friends more easily, with the bonus you do not need to send your real IP to others. In it, simply create a network and pass the login and password of it to a friend who has the program. Then, just connect, copy the IPv4 address and paste in the game, keeping the same port.

Assembling your team

Since there are only six Pokémon available at the time, you probably will not want to have members repeated in his team. Although you start the game "no" pocket creature, just press the Tab key to drop a Pikachu and make him start following you (to change which pokémon to use, click on them and switch the team's order). Then, click on a wild Pokemon to start the battle.

Using the same coach movement keys, control your partner to avoid enemy attacks and use the appropriate keys (all are listed in the "Commands" section below) to reduce the life of the opponent. When he finally passed out, you must click on the bottom of the screen right Pokeball icon and aim before releasing it (click again to exit the capture mode).

If you are too far away, collect your partner and move it closer to not to miss the mark. After capturing all Pokémon scenario, it will be totally empty and what to do. However, just quit the game and go again to see the animals again in place: you keep your team and can still battle with the wild creatures you want.


  • Keys W, A, S and D: drive;
  • Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4: attacks;
  • Spacebar: jump;
  • Tab: loose and collecting Pokemon at the top of the list;
  • Left click: selects and launches attacks;
  • Right click: hold to control the camera.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion to Above you gave a full description of the Pokémon Generations and its features, now that we know it

The quality of Pokémon Generations is simply amazing: you would not expect to find something so good for an indie little game. Not only models of Pokémon are very well developed as its scenario presents many details that you would not expect to find; for example: when you attack a stone, it takes damage and is eventually broken.

The textures - not only the characters, but the scenarios themselves - using the Cel-Shading technique (a kind of 2D 3D), and a way to use three-dimensional scenarios and maintain similar pokémons the cartoon - an example application well -sucedida is in recent games Dragon Ball. Therefore, not only the gameplay of Pokémon Generations is the one desired by fans ever since, but the visual itself is sensational.

When playing Pokémon Generations, you can drop your initial pet and make it follow the coach you control. As it is a Pikachu, the nostalgia of those who followed the anime during childhood triggers and makes you like the game immediately. When you start a battle, you automatically get to control your Pokemon, while the partner is giving orders while watching the battle.

It's everything you ever wanted

The possibility of controlling the Pokémon as if you were in an action game, or rather as if you were inside the own cartoon, is something almost indescribable: certainly this is the game that every fan always wanted and more than 20 years asks, without being heard, for Nintendo to do. Also, being an indie game, the developer is in direct contact with the players (via Twitter) and takes their views into account when adding new features.

One of them is the multiplayer mode: although there is no way to connect to a dedicated server, where would you play as a MMORPG, there is a chance to create a network using the Hamachi program and play with one or more friends simultaneously. This ends up being a major inconvenience because you can often get more time trying to connect than playing - not to mention that there are lags during matches in this mode.

Although not yet there are many Pokémon to capture, or history, customization coach or even variety of pets, it ends up not being a problem as simple demonstration shows already exceptional quality, full game is hardly something disappointing.

Moreover, when the songs presented during the game are entirely based on the original, as well as the sounds emitted by Pokemon (ie you will not hear a grown man talking "Pikachu", but the original sound of the anime). And yet, the attention to detail is so great that the music changes during battles and even the sound of the Pokémon Center is present when you use the recovery machine.

It is not perfect yet

The visual Pokémon Generations is very nice indeed, but the coaches are still very simple, little worked. Moreover, there is no explanation of how the commands should be triggered, then you take a few minutes thinking that the game does not work to understand how to play. Furthermore, the use of the keys and the gameplay in general are a bit caught; soon, the game still needs to go through some performance improvements.

The Pokémon Generations updates take place every two weeks, but usually not large. Therefore, it should take a few months or years to get out a final version - so if Nintendo does not decide to sue the producer, or something (which would be a shame). In short, this game is small and simple, but it has qualities that satisfy enormously any true fan of the franchise.


  • Visual cool
  • sensational battles
  • soundtrack based on games


  • The gameplay needs to improve
  • is not complete yet
  • Few Pokémon and small setting

How to Download Free Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC

Download Free Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC, from below.

Download Free Pokémon Generations 10.0 For PC