Geometry Dash for BlackBerry

Surely you've heard of Geometry Dash, and if you have not, do not think too long, it is one of the games which is gaining more popularity in recent times thanks to a style of play extremely simple but very addictive due to the difficulty. If you want Geometry Dash for BlackBerry you've probably entered the BlackBerry App World to proceed to download.

If you have not yet done we suggest you save the effort, because there really is not any version of this game for smartphones from RIM.

Geometry Dash for BlackBerry
Geometry Dash for BlackBerry

However, that there is the same game does not mean that today we can not find any alternative, and that is exactly what we can do by downloading Impossible 3D Game, a game very similar but even features better graphics than Geometry Dash computer or iPhone, something to be welcomed. In this case it's a free game and is available in BlackBerry App World.

Still, if you just want to play this game on your Blackberry, although there is no official version if you have a for Blackberry 10, Yes you can play it. To do this you must seignior one of the many tutorials to use Android apps and games on a Blackberry 10. You'll have to download the APK of the game to play on your Blackberry.

His name, "the impossible game", and gives good examples of what we are going to find as it is a game focused mainly on the difficulty, for the scenarios are advancing whereas they are approaching various objects and obstacles to get things difficult. How could it be otherwise, we have to control our character, a simple cube, and make as dodge obstacle in our way,

All we can do is jump, which means that we must be ever vigilant to the jumps, as well as the obstacles are strategically placed so that it costs much dodge therefore must be calculated down to the last millimeter each jump , otherwise we will end up repeating the level until we get it.

To download Geometry Dash for BlackBerry, Just go through this link.

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