Download Free VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool For PC

VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool is a helper application for the security of your computer and can work in conjunction with a conventional anti-virus program.

It scans files in real time, keeping her protected all the time machine, and provides scanning systems.

So you can do a quick search parties critical system or an advanced search in certain sectors. This way, you can search for directories or drives, deepening its defense scheme especially in fragile sites and exposed your system.

The VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool eliminates the installation, or can even be used from a USB stick. Download, unzip and start using, increasing protection of your machine with this new tool to deal with threats.

VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool

looking threats

The "Start Scanner" tab is the basis of VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool to scan. You have two ways to accomplish this process: "Quick," which does a quick search in the critical areas, and "Custom", through which you can choose which folder or disk should be searched for problems.


The second tab is "Scan Process", which shows more detailed information about the last scan performed. This feature also works as the program is seeking virus, showing a progress bar and also the total number of scanned files and the total number of infected and deleted.

In "Real-Time Protection", you can enable protection tool in real time. She works tirelessly, scouring all computer files for security threats. While this happens, you see a record of all that has been checked.

Finally, the last section of VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool is "Scan Results", which shows the result of research done by this program. There, you can see the problem files that were found and thus remove them from your computer to eliminate any possibility of failure.

How to Download Free VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool For PC

Download Free VirCleaner Virus Removal Tool For PC

Download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC

Avetix Free is an antivirus that offers a wide range of tools to protect your computer from online threats. The app can scour in real time any possible malicious program in your inbox, in applications such as Outolook and Thunderbird, check the correctness and danger level on all sites you visit in your web browser, and can also find threats removable devices such as USB sticks, external hard drives and others. Here are some of the information about how to download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC.

All of these features are active the whole time in your device and, at the time the Free Avetix identifies that they can be used, preventive scans your inbox, accessed and flash drives web pages will be realized. Whenever a problem is found, the program is preset to ask you what you must do, how to put the threat in quarantine, delete it or do nothing.


Enable and disable Download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC

The Download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC, interface brings already in its initial six frames display with leading antivirus protection functions. With one click, you can activate them or turn them off. You can, therefore, enable or disable the protection of local e-mail, real-time protection, the Internet, Windows records and removable devices. Each of these function can also be controlled and customized from the "Options" tab, accessible from the left side of the app window.

After making the installation of Avetix Free and give the main features of it, you can start using the program performing a scan on your system. For this, there are two options available; one "Fast" and "Full".

As you can imagine, the second is deeper and take longer to complete, while the former is only the essential checks and ends faster. If you did not use any antivirus before Avetix Free, it is advisable to resort to slower and more thorough option.


Beyond Section scans, you can check out so much as to "quarantine" to see threats that were isolated from the rest of the system; the "Report", to check the records of what the program has done in the PC; "Options" to configure and customize the antivirus; and "PC Tuneup," which would be a function to improve the performance of your computer from the cleaning of unnecessary files and Windows registry corruption. This, however, is limited to PRO users, the Avetix.

How to Download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC

Here is the download link

Download Free Avetix Free 5.0.159 For PC